Contest Guidelines

Submissions for the annual Knoxville Writers' Guild writing contest will be accepted now through midnight, July 15.

Contestants may enter their work in several categories including novel excerpt, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and young writers.

Judges will be announced shortly. Please see the below General Contest Guidelines, followed by Specific Contest Guidelines.

Questions: Go to:, and choose Contest Questions for the Category.

General Contest Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all KWG contests. See specific guidelines under each contest heading for individual exceptions or additions. Contestants may submit work through July 15.

Note: Failure to adhere to any rule renders your entry subject to rejection with forfeiture of contest entry fee. Please read the rules carefully; they help us process entries more efficiently and fairly.

  1. Contests are open to all individuals above the age of 18 with the following exceptions: Members of the KWG board of directors and contests committee may not submit entries to KWG competitions. Previous first prizewinners are barred from the contest they won for one year. Also, see Specific Guidelines under Young Writer’s Prizes for exceptions to those contests.
  2. Use black type on a white page with 12 point Times New Roman or Courier fonts. Set your margins to one inch, and do not justify.
  3. Contestants may enter more than one contest simultaneously. Additionally, contestants may enter a single contest more than once. A separate entry fee is required for each submission.
  4. All submissions must be emailed before midnight Eastern Standard Time on July 15, 2016. No printed copies will be accepted this year. Electronic versions only.
  5. Entries can only be submitted by filling out the form at: Contest Entry
  6. No Entries by mail or email will be accepted.
  7. We are accepting only form submissions in order to process entries in a more efficient and standardized manner.
  8. Accepted file formats are: docx, doc, pdf, txt, and rtf
    Remember: you can only submit one entry at a time. You will need to fill out the form for every entry.
  9. Entries must be submitted through the entry formYou should receive an automated email confirmation that we've received your entry. Please send a follow-up inquiry if you don't.
  10. DO NOT put your name, pen name, or any other identifying information on the entries themselves. Failure to follow this rule will result in rejection of your entry and forfeiture of your entry fee.
  11. DO NOT submit previously published works.
  12. See the the instructions for each individual contests, deadlines, and any specific rules for a particular contest.
  13. Except for the Young Writers category, contests charge a $30 entry fee for adult nonmembers. If you’re joining the guild, you must pay for the membership before you submit your entry. To join, make checks payable to KWG or pay by credit card by using the links below.
  14. Note: You can pay entry fees in two ways:
    By credit card via PayPal. There will be a Contest Payment area on the right after you submit your entry.
    By personal check. If you opt to pay by check:

    Include the title of your entry in the memo line.
    Payments by check should be sent to:

    (Name of Contest) Awards Office The Knoxville Writers’ Guild
    P.O. Box 10326
    Knoxville, TN 37939

  15. The following prizes will be awarded for each category: First Prize - $100.
  16. KWG reserves the right to award only one prize if there are insufficient entries in a given category.
  17. No one person may win multiple prizes in a single category.
  18. Winners and runners-up will be announced on the KWG website.
  19. A collection of winning contest entries may be published later in the year.

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