Caper on the Coast

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Publish Date: 
January 14, 2014

Casey Stone is getting over a broken hip, broken leg, three broken ribs, and a punctured lung which as he says “took a big chunk out of 1957.” He never said being a PI was easy. Now his agency’s biggest client, World’s Best Insurance has a problem, loss claims have skyrocketed. The reason seems to be a rash of burglaries and petty crimes that have escalated to rape and murder along the New York and New Jersey coasts. The local police agencies in the little towns have been overwhelmed by the crime wave. World’s Best Insurance has sent their man, Henshaw , to hire Casey to investigate the crimes and work with the different police departments to catch the crooks. Casey is reluctant to take a job which will keep him away from his business for a few weeks, but the large fee and the fact that he has family on the Jersey shore wins him over. Besides his “bombshell” assistant, Chiquita Rodriquez, practically runs everything already. So he’s off to Barnegat, NJ and his old childhood bedroom at his Aunt Margaret’s house. Of course Casey Stone won’t be returning to the innocence of his childhood. There are plenty of beautiful babes along the way—shady crooks, Mob threats and a psychopath or two to deal with. But Casey is determined to keep his family safe and get justice for the innocent victims along the coast that is so close to his heart.

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