Every human being is born with a passion. He needs a dream to survive. When you are empty inside, and you do not have a particular purpose, then you are non-existent and invisible.

One of the most impressive things a man can do is to read. Books are always a refuge from time passing by so fast. Books can also take you far away in time. One day you can travel in the past the next day you visit the future but at the same time sit comfortably in the armchair.

The first book that was written is The Book of Genesis. It presents data about the beginning of all beginnings, the genesis of the earth, the creatures, and the humans.

The most famous book ever written is the Bible. It contains compilations of separate written documents over a period of 1000 years. You can learn more by visiting this site.

Over time, the books have gone through a fantastic evolution, being in step with the development of humankind. Ever since ancient times when the letters have been carved on clay tablets, people have had something to retell. Thanks to them, we know a lot of things about humanity’s history and evolution. Just take a look at this important manuscript. Until 1455 all the books were written and decorated by hand. In the present, the department of papers in the royal library holds 35,000 manuscripts, of which 4,500 are medieval codes.

However, these tablets have somewhat more of a cultural and historical value. There are a few books that have become invaluable, and if we talk in sums, then their value reaches up to tens of millions of dollars. For example, one of the most expensive books is the Codex Leicester the 1500s worth $ 30.8 million, or the Magna Carta which is in one copy, dates back to 1297 and costs $ 12.5 million, Cuthbert Gospel - $ 14.3 million and has known its beginnings since the 19th century. 7. You can see the whole list by visiting this website.

The desire to understand and to discover is part of us just like the need for air or water. Not in vain by being in the 21 century, books continue to be part of our everyday life with generation.

Now anyone can write a book. If you have a story, a history, or want to send a message, then you only need to turn on the computer or take a sheet and a pen if you have not given up on it yet. You have to give yourself the best of yourself to create a valuable work, and that was a lot of discipline. Here you can find pieces of advice from 22 brilliant authors.

Books are never written on their own, and the beginning is the hardest moment of all. It is that terrifying moment when you face a page, and you understand that now you have to write down something. If you have reached this stage, this means that you have already decided about what and how you will write. Now all you have to do is keep your motivation that will often be interrupted by doubts.

However, if you prepare morally from time and you make a plan to anticipate them, then you will get more comfortable.

In the end, if you had the power of the will to get it done, you have to publish it, which involves some expenses. If you want to see your dream come true, then you may come to the moment when you will need extra funds. There are plenty sources out there, including family, lenders, friends, banks. But, before borrowing any money from anybody, educate yourself. Learn all about the existing loans and means of paying them back. Also, take a look at what responsible lending means, There are many sources of information available on the internet, like this Instant Payday Loans website, for example.

You only need perseverance, patience and creativity, and who knows maybe in a few years your book will cost as much as millions of dollars.

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